Submission Form

If you’re an Airian who wishes to feature in Likherature, then stop wishing and start writing!
Your work must strictly adhere to our Code of Ethics and to the following Contribution Guidelines: 

The AUWC Team values each piece of writing submitted as if it were their very own. Hence it is vital for the work submitted to be to us to adhere to a certain accepted standard, for ease of facilitation among the Editorial Board. All submissions must be sent to

Each mail must include:

  • The original, un-plagiarised work of a single author, submitted as a word file with 12 pt. font, Times New Roman for English or Jameel Nuri Nastaleeq for Urdu. (pictures will not be accepted)
  • The author’s full name, department and contact number.
  • The name of the category they wish their work to be featured in as the subject of their email.
  • A prospective title of the piece along with an optional overview of what it entails, so as to give a general idea to the Editor.


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