In the sky rose the screams,
The shrill wails roared,
A drop landed on the soil,
And another,
A blotch appeared,
As if a painting,
All in red,
The evil shrieked somewhere in the background,
A chaos broke,
The buildings crumbled,
An image of a broken land appeared behind the dust,
The dust trying to mask it,
Humanity suffered another blow,
Its roots staggered once again,
And long after, silence prevailed,
Everything appeared to be normal
yet nothing was normal,
When the cries faded,
Silence echoed,
Louder than the howls of evil,
The silence screamed,
And when nothing spoke,
Silence did,
The tales that vanished,
Silence carried them all.
When there was nothing to say,

Silence said it all.

By Zirva Shabbir
Department of Humanities

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