Seasons of Life

Uncomplicated and easy going,
Like nothing could touch him,
A distant star,
Shining high up in the sky.
He was Happiness,
Sheepish grins and jokes,
Pure and unfiltered laughter.
A heart so big,
Filled with kindness,
And all the love in the world.
Never thought about himself,
Putting others first,
The boy with the brown eyes,
Who took care of all those broken souls.

Auburn hair,
With deep brown eyes.
Crooked smiles,
And kind eyes.
Reds, purples and pinks,
Adorned on her frame.
The scent of cardamom,
a cold demeanour within.
She was Fall,
A perfect balance,
Of madness and calm,
Of warmth and coldness.
Wild on some days,
On others a quiet soul.

Cold as ice,
His heart was stone,
Unapproachable to those,
Who didn’t know him.
Flecks of light,
In his stormy eyes.
Marring perfection,
a single scar.
A fallen angel,
With familiar smiles.
He was winter,
Sharp and cruel,
Just like ice,
But underneath that ice,
A heart of gold.

Roses and love,
With dimpled smiles.
Startling green eyes,
And his deep voice.
Strawberries and sweetness,
With a golden heart.
Lonely at moments,
Dwelling on things,
that had never been said.
He was Spring,
Impatient and judgemental,
But only sometimes.
His heart was a fortress,
Filled with secrets and love.

Swirls of honey,
Glimmering in the sun,
Warm and familiar,
They’re her brown eyes.
Comforting hugs,
That warm you inside.
Whispered words,
Of support and love.
She was Summer,
Warm and kind,
Always there,
With her loving smiles.

Like pale gold,
She is everything nice.
A heart and soul,
As pure as light.
She is Joy,
Impromptu and sweet,
Gives you that feeling,
That warms you inside.
With a voice,
So lovely as the birds,
Chirping and singing outside,
Saying, “Yeh kya hori hai”

By Basma Nasir
Department of Humanities

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